Saturday, 23 May 2015


[As I told you before, I won't write long entries, I don't like them. They will be short but not because of that they'll be bad. Tell me what do you think about this one...]

Today I'll talk about... WEIRD WORDS! When I was looking for a word for the title of this blog I googled ''weird words'' and you can't imagine what I found out:

  • GALEANTHROPY: (n) the belief that you are a cat.

  • NUDIUSTERTIAN: (n) the day before yesterday.

  • ULOTRICHOUS: (adj) having wooly or crispy hair.

  • FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION: (n) the value of something as worthless.
  • PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS: (n) a disease you get in your lungs when you breathe volcanic ash. (if you could read this one..omg...) 

  • KAKORRHAPHIOPHOBIA: (n) fear to failure.

  • JENTACULAR: (adj) pertaining to breakfast.

  • HANGRY: (adj) a state of anger caused by lack of food. (yeah...think I know this one pretty much)

  • CONCILLIABULE: (adj) being attracted to a person's lips.

  • NILLIONAIRE: (adj) someone having little to no money. (from now on I'll use this word so much).


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